You own a yacht or you would like to charter one ? We are able to help you
regarding this administrative constraint.

You would like to buy a yacht or villa but you do not know who to work with ? We are able to help you in your research.

Looking for a boat rental for a day, a weekend, a week, a month… For the leisure or a special event (wedding, birthday, bachelor party, seminar…). We are able to help you in your research then to organize your trip without any constraint (APA, fuel, provision, berth booking). Click here to get more information and some examples.

Exclusiv Yacht Services can organise full yacht charters. We are in contact with many other brokers so we can find the boat you need if our ones do not fit your attempts. We can provide you motor yacht as sailing yacht. We will set up all the yacht charter needs. The yacht charter is including all the organisation needed. We rent yachts fitting your demand. The yacht fleet that you have access to with our agency is huge, we will always find a boat for you. The yacht adventures are infinite, all destinations are possible. We offer personalised services and conciergerie services.

For on board events, we will find all the services you can need such as DJs or additional staff.

We can provide you long duration charters or day long charter, for events or for guests. Your charter will allow you to explore big variety of destinations all over the world including mediteranean sea

Yacht charter - location de bateau