Concierge Services for Yachts & Villas

Concierge Yacht & Villa

Concierge Yacht & Villa

Everything is possible with our efficient team of experts 24/7

Our dedicated team will help you regarding any kind of services during your daily or cruise charter. We can provide anything for your special event. Some examples:


  • Berth Booking
  • Reservations:
    • Transportation: limousine, helicopter, private jet, boat, taxi, car rental…
    • Special requests: restaurant, hotel, golf, flower arrangements
  • Provisioning:
    • spirits and soft drinks
    • food supplies
    • fuel & lubricants
    • technical spares
  • Assistance :
    • Medical
    • Shopping
    • Hairdresser, barber, make-up, photographer, massage & bodycare
    • Personal trainer, bodyguard
    • Fashion Designer
    • Tickets for concerts & shows
    • Laundry services
    • Nurse / Babysitting services
    • Airbnb / Property management (check in/out…)

We will be happy to assist you with any kind of transportation or logistic services you need :

  • Parcel & luggage guarding
  • Sending parcels, mails by DHL, FedEx…

And all services possible & unimaginable!!