Laundry services

Service de blanchisserie - laundry services

Laundry services

If your boat is commercial, and you do charters. You have many charters in the same week ? No days off between your work days ? We believe the laundry take a lot of time during your day. Between the towels, the bed sheets that needs to be changed twice a week, it is mission impossible to do it if you have alone. Sometimes you are not enough crew to take care of the guests and the laundry at the same time.

You surely need someone to help you with this longfull task. But don’t worry we’re there. Exclusiv Yacht Services is there to help you no matter what is the time and the situation to get finish and to be ready for the next day. You can by a simple call, tell us what you need and we will send our crew car to collect all the dirty laundry for you and bring it back as soon as you need it. You will have more to relax, to take care of the rest of the boat the guestus and of course the most important, yourself. Exclusiv Yacht Services can carry your laundry. We have partnerships with multiple local laundries so we can offer you fast and serious laundry services.

You can let us clothes or laundry and we will get it back clean on your boat.