Yacht crew

Yacht crew - gestion d'équipage

Yacht crew

You can brief us your yacht crew management. We can hire the perfect team or part of it for your yacht. Selecting experienced and professionnal staff is our mission. We check the diplomas and experiences so your boat crew will be perfected qualified and competent. The yacht crew recruitement is made in order to find the qualified crew as captain, first mate, chief engineer, bosun, deckhand, stewardess, chef cook.

Having skilled, trained and experimented personnal is essential for your yacht. We have many relations with yacht crew agencies so we will engage the greatest employees to take care of the boat and the guests. All the paper work will also be made by us.

We will manage all the yacht crew paper work such as employment contract and payroll according to the yacht maltese flag regulation, yacht british flag regulation, yacht caymanian flag regulation or any other yacht flag regulation.